Leave Your Kids in the Right Hands

Guardianship of a minor in Florida should be any parent’s first step to ensure their kids are properly cared for in the event both parents are unable. Having the proper guardianship paperwork in place is a critical step in any parent’s estate planning.

Do your kids have a legal guardian in the event something happens to you? And I am not talking about only in the event of your death. How about if you and your spouse are both incapacitated in the hospital and cannot communicate?

Have you decided who will take care of your kids until you are able to speak and/or return home? What if your spouse cannot be reached while you are in the hospital? Who will take care of the kids until your spouse arrives?

What happens if your kid’s long-term guardian lives out-of-state? Who will take care of kids until that person arrives?

Do you have a short-term guardian? Is the name and contact information of your kid’s legal guardian written in a document and in a place that is accessible to and/or known by others?

What if your named guardian is incapacitated, disabled, or deceased? Do you have a backup, or two?

Let’s say your named guardian is able to immediately take your kids into custody…have you provided the guardian with any directions on how to actually take care of your kids? Or, are you leaving the decision making up to the guardian? Does your named guardian know if your kid has a food allergy? Does your named guardian know the date of your kid’s next doctor’s appointment, extracurricular activity, school schedule? Does your named guardian know what your kid’s daily routine(s) involve? Does your named guardian want to take care of your kids? Better yet, does your guardian know that you chose them to be your kid’s guardian!?

Don't Worry!

Lots of questions, right?  Do you have the answers to all of them?  Probably not, and that is okay!

In fact, most young parents do not know what would happen to their kids if something happened to one or both of the parents themselves.

A Last Will and Testament provides for certain care directions for minor children, but those provisions apply only after your death. In the event of your incapacity, a common will document is not enough to prevent your minor child from potentially ending up in the custody of Child Protective Services (CPS) and short-term foster care. A common will also does not provide specific directives on how you want your kids to be taken care of when in the custody of your named guardian.

Not to mention, having only a common will means that your estate will have to go through Florida’s lengthy and expensive probate process, and your “plan” may be challenged by your family and/or not accepted by the Court. If you did not prepare a Will, your family will be left to decide who will take care of your kids. If two or more people want custody, they will have to battle it out in court. That is probably not a situation with which you want to leave them.

Parents need to have specialized written documents that provide for guardianship of a minor in Florida, including those that name multiple short- and long-term guardians, provide directions and contact information to first responders and hospitals, and detail protection and care directives to the minor’s guardian. The Kids Protection Plan ® offered by the Law Office of Jordan W. Jacob takes care of all this!

I Can Help!

Guardianship of a minor in Florida, as provided in The Kids Protection Plan ® offered by The Law Office of Jordan W. Jacob, is tailored to each family and ensures that you will never again have to wonder what will happen to your kids in the event something should happen to you.

Follow this link to find a form allowing you to name legal guardians for your kids. It is easy, fast and free of charge, and even offers tips about who you should choose.

If you later decide to create a more in-depth legal document outlining your chosen guardians, I can help you with that, too.

Contact me today to learn even more about how to provide for guardianship of a minor in Florida through the Kids Protection Plan ®, which other estate planning law firms have never heard of and will not be able to provide you.