“A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish.”

– Antonie de Saint Exupéry

Although the thought of planning for incapacity, disability and/or death can be uncomfortable and worrisome, it is a necessary procedure for yourself and your loved ones. That is why working with an effective, innovative and dedicated Family Estate Planning Lawyer to prepare your estate planning documents is a necessary step to protect your assets and your legacy.

Because every person’s estate is unique – and each person’s goals and needs differ depending on the size of their estate, the size of their family, marital status, and the intended number of beneficiaries – different estate planning tools and procedures are required.

Due to an ever-changing economy, updates in the law, and unforeseen events that life throws at you, it is critical to have the proper estate planning documents in place to ensure that you and your family will be taken care of now and in the future.

Whether you are looking to protect your assets, plan for incapacity, appoint guardians for your minor children, ensure business succession, or designate charitable gifting, I can assist you to design an estate plan that helps to avoid lengthy and costly probate, minimize estate taxes, and privately pass on your assets and legacy to your heirs.

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What Makes My Family Estate Planning Services Different?

Flat Fees

As your Family Estate Planning Lawyer, you will never have to worry about my law office charging you with unknown or unexplained fees or costs. At our initial meeting, you choose the level of planning and the flat fee that best meets your needs and desired goals. There are no hourly charges and no surprises.


As your Family Estate Planning Lawyer, I am available to answer quick questions, or address any emergencies that may come up after your plan has been created. If you need more time, you can pre-schedule a phone call or in-person meeting to address your needs. And, you never need to worry about getting a bill for your phone call. Remember, fixed fees!

Understandable Terms

I educate and advise my clients who want to learn how their material assets will be protected, managed, and transferred in the event of incapacity, disability, and/or death. Yes, there is some “legalese” in every plan, but each plan is designed with you and includes language that you will understand. In addition, every successor trustee or agent named in your plan will be provided with written instructions so they understand their duties if something should happen to you.

Legacy Planning

Unlike other estate planning lawyers, I provide an opportunity for my clients to pass on not only their money and things, but also their intellectual, spiritual and human legacy – something I call your “Family Wealth.”  This is accomplished through handwritten notes, audio recordings, and video legacy interviews conducted during different stages of your life. This way, you can continue to provide your loved ones with insight into who you are and what is important to you long after you are gone. Each client’s first legacy interview session is included with their plan and at no additional cost. I also provide each of my estate planning clients with an 8 gigabyte flash drive that has enough storage space to upload a large number of photos, videos, songs, passages, and letters.

Kids Protection Plan®

Estate planning tools can provide for more than just material asset protection. As a Family Estate Planning Lawyer, I also offer comprehensive safety and protection plans for minor children, which includes the naming of multiple short-and long-term guardians, confidential exclusion of guardian, written life-care instructions to each guardian, children’s health-care instructions, medical power of attorney, identification cards that will be seen and used by first responders and healthcare personnel in the event you cannot communicate (our client favorite), and much more! Want to learn more about The Kids Protection Plan®, click here.

Trust Funding Toolkit

One the most important steps in completing a trust-based estate plan is to fund the trust with monetary and physical assets. If you create one or more trust documents with me, and you want to fund them yourself, you will be provided with a toolkit to help you along the way. If you have any questions after the initial toolkit setup meeting, just call or email.

Plan Review

As your Family Estate Planning Lawyer, I will ensure that your estate planning documents are kept up to date. Because things in your life will change over time, we will review your plan together, at minimum, every three (3) years, to ensure that your assets are updated and your guardians, trustees and beneficiaries are who you want. If you join one of my membership programs, I will provide an annual review and other benefits. Want to know more about these membership programs? Ask here.​

Other Estate Planning Services

Trust and Estate Administration

Along with proactive estate planning, I provide assistance to individuals who have been designated as a trustee or personal representative of another person’s estate. Part of my services as a Family Estate Planning Lawyer include a comprehensive review of the operative estate plan documents, review of trustee or personal representative obligations, asset inventory and accounting, assistance with escrow and distributions to beneficiaries, informal and formal probate proceedings (if applicable), and post-death administration of the decedent’s trust (if applicable). Learn more about Trust and Estate Administration.


Utilizing effective estate planning tools can help avoid Florida’s stressful, costly, time consuming and pubic probate process. However, depending on the nature and amount of the assets involved, some estates may be better suited to involve the use of probate. No matter the plan, I will guide you through this important process so that you and your family can rest easy now and in the future. Learn more about Probate.


Oftentimes, a family member or loved one who did not plan ahead may need assistance during their incapacity. I provide assistance to individuals seeking guardianship and/or conservatorship of a loved one who is unable to make their own decisions and did not execute a power of attorney, health care directives, or other estate planning documents prior to their incapacity or incompetence. These processes are required to go through the Florida courts, and generally require a lawyer’s assistance. Learn more about Guardianship.