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Virtual Estate Planning

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Do you understand the importance of estate planning, but cannot find the time to make it into an lawyer’s office?

Things happen. Work. Life. Kids. Crazy schedules. I get it.

Recognizing the need for non-traditional estate planning in today’s digital age, my law office utilizes innovative technology and communication services to make the estate planning process more efficient, convenient and comfortable.

If you are unable to meet in person, for whatever reason, or just prefer virtual legal assistance, I am available to assist you to review an old plan, discuss your current estate planning goals and needs, or create and design a new estate plan that is customized to fit you and your family.

If you have more basic estate planning needs, you can also create your own basic Florida estate planning documents with my easy-to-use automated estate planning form builder.


With Virtual Estate Planning, you have the option of handling your estate planning when and where you feel most comfortable. You will be able to communicate directly with me via secure phone, email, and/or video conferencing from the convenience of your own home or office.

First, you will need to fill out an online or downloadable Florida Estate Planning Inventory & Assessment.

After submitting your intake form, schedule a virtual Estate Planning Consultation. All communications are handled electronically and securely via phone, email, or videoconferencing.

Next, you will need to sign my flat fee agreement in order to proceed with the initial drafting of your documents.

After your payment is received, I will begin drafting your estate planning documents tailored to your Inventory & Assessment responses. You will then be securely provided an initial draft of the pertinent information for review and an opportunity to make any last requested revisions.

Then, once all requested revisions are made, a final draft will be sent to you for final approval.  After receiving your final approval, I will send to you, via secure electronic delivery, your final estate planning documents along with signing and funding instructions.

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Fill Out Online Intake Form
Schedule Virtual Consultation
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Sign a Fee Agreement
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I Draft and Send Your Documents
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You Review, Sign and Fund
My virtual clients receive the same high-quality, individualized approach in the designing and drafting of all their legal documents, but without the need to meet in person. Our confidential communications will not be released to anyone outside of my law office, unless you ask me to share it — for example: with a family member, a trusted advisor (such as your accountant, life insurance agent, financial planner), or someone else whom you specifically designate.

Virtual estate planning may not work for everyone. More complex estate plans are often better handled in-person. Either way, at the conclusion of your no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation, I will be able to tell you whether a virtual estate planning arrangement will work best for you.

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Virtual Estate Planning FAQs

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Why Shouldn't I Just Use a Cheaper Online Service?

Unlike the national online document mills that are not run by legal professionals, I am a local, full-service Florida estate planning lawyer. Your estate planning documents are tailored to your online questionnaire responses. Most online companies provide you with only generic, boilerplate documents that may or may not be valid in Florida. Moreover, online companies’ documents are not flexible for future changes in the law and your life. You may pay less now, but it will cost your family more later.

I provide you with the ability to receive basic estate planning services (day or night) with the knowledge and assurance that your documents will be fully reviewed and prepared by a licensed Florida estate planning lawyer. Streamlining the legal workflow allows me to offer these services at significantly lower cost, and allows you to know, in advance, exactly what that cost will be.

How Long Does the Virtual Estate Planning Process Take?

APPROX. 1-3 DAYS for a single document

APPROX. 1 WEEK for planning packages

Most clients are able to complete their estate planning Inventory & Assessment questionnaire in a single 30 minute setting. Once you have completed and submitted your intake form, it will take up to seven (7) business days to draft your estate planning documents.

After you have reviewed and approved the initial draft of your estate planning documents, it will take approximately 2 days to finalize, and then provide you, via secure electronic delivery, your final documents for signing.

How Do I Know What Estate Planning Documents I Need?

After you fill out your Inventory & Assessment, you and I will conduct an initial virtual meeting. I will review your intake form and make certain recommendations based on your responses and your ultimate needs and goals. With your approval, I will then move forward to the drafting stage. After drafting, you will have a chance to review and approve the documents, and request any last revisions before the final documents are prepared and drafted.

Not sure where to start? Here is a good place.

What Equipment Do I Need?

You will need a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Videoconferencing capabilities will make the virtual process go much quicker and smoother; however, we can still conduct your initial consultation over the phone. Please contact me for more information.

How Much Does Virtual Estate Planning Cost?

My virtual estate planning services are billed on a flat fee basis. There are no hourly charges and no hidden fees. Because every estate plan is unique and individualized for each client’s needs and goals, there is no one standard fee for my services. Generally, Virtual Estate Plans range from $750-$5,000.

What Services Does the Flat Rate Include?

I am able to keep my virtual estate planning fees low by unbundling my traditional estate planning packages and charging you only for the legal advice you are receiving. As such, my fee includes our design sessions and time drafting your documents.

After your documents are finalized, they are sent to you securely online.  In order to validate your documents, they will need to be signed, witnessed and notarized. Every virtual estate plan comes with signing and funding instructions to ensure proper completion.

I can refer you to a mobile notary or you can visit a post office, local pack and ship store, or UPS Store to have your documents notarized. In addition, most Florida banks offer free notary services to clients who bank with them.

What If I Need to Revise My Plan in the Future?
As life goes on, changes happen. In the event you need to make any future amendments, I will be happy to quote you a flat rate based on the complexity of the revision. Check out my traditional estate planning packages, which include free lifetime amendments for most minor revisions.
Can We Still Meet In Person?
Yes, I conduct in-person consultations, planning design sessions, and signing ceremonies.  However, my fees vary for any traditional in-person activity.
Do You Offer Other Virtual Services?
Yes, I offer virtual legal services for all of my practice areas. Click away to learn more about my Florida Closing/Title services and Florida Property Damage Claim services.

With my automated estate planning form builder, just complete one or more of the following intake questionnaires and receive your Florida estate planning documents, in most cases, as soon as 24-48 hours.

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Basic Will

Your final wishes for your possessions, dependents, and arrangements.

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A more advanced document for more detailed final wishes.

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Health Care Directives

Specify your preferences for healthcare and medical treatment to be used as guidance if you are ever unable to make decisions.


Power of Attorney

Assign a trusted person to manage your personal and business affairs if you are away or incapacitated.

Please be advised that by filling out and returning one or more of the above intake forms does not make you a client of the Law Office of Jordan W. Jacob.  An attorney-client relationship will commence only when a lawyer from the Law Office of Jordan W. Jacob agrees to provide the relevant services to you, as client, and an engagement letter is signed by both you and an authorized agent of the Law Office of Jordan W. Jacob.

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