Aggressive Representation. Maximum Recovery.

I am a personal injury lawyer in Florida who provides compassionate assistance to victims who suffer serious injuries or trauma as a result of automobile accidents, boating accidents, dog bites, slip and falls, and other various negligent or intentional acts of others. I help my injured clients understand their rights and legal options so that they can recover the maximum amount of damages from the at fault party. In addition, I will aggressively defend injured victims’ rights in disputes with their insurance companies and/or the insurance companies of the party responsible for the injury or trauma. Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the injury, my services may include assistance with claim settlement negotiations or litigation through trial.

A serious bodily injury or traumatic experience can be a challenging time for victims and their families, which can lead to physical, mental and emotional pain. Fortunately, Florida law protects victims who are injured through no fault of their own. In addition, the law in Florida entitles personal injury victims to certain damages, including recovery of lost wages, incurred medical expenses, pain and suffering, future earnings, disability benefits, and anticipated future costs for continuing care. Ultimately, these damages are available and intended to place victims back into the position they were prior to the injury, even if it is only financially. Recovery of these damages and benefits is generally available by filing a personal injury claim and/or a lawsuit. A victim should not go it alone without the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Florida.

However, it is well known that insurance companies do not want to compensate personal injury victims and will find ways to undervalue a personal injury claim. Agents of insurance companies are not on the victim’s side and often mislead uninformed and traumatized victims and their families, which can lead to unfavorable settlement agreements and a release of liability. These settlements are often too low for a victim to pay their incurred medical bills, make up for lost wages, or provide for future case. Not to mention, a liability release generally prevents victims and their families from bringing a lawsuit against the insurance company, even if the true extent of the injury is unknown at the time of settlement or the injury later worsens.

Whether it is a claim settlement negotiation or litigation over an unpaid or undervalued personal injury claim, having the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Florida can make the difference in recovering the maximum amount of compensation and benefits for your claim.

If you are seriously injured or have suffered a traumatic experience due to the negligent or intentional acts of others, you should consult with me as your personal injury lawyer in Florida BEFORE agreeing to any settlement with an insurance company or signing any legal paperwork provided by an insurance company.