Advocating for Policyholders and Against Prevention of Recovery

I pride myself on being a policyholder advocate. I have extensive experience as a property damage lawyer in Florida representing both residential and commercial property owners in coverage disputes with their insurance companies following a physical loss or damage to property caused by one or more of the following: Collapse; Construction vibration and blasting; Fire and smoke; Flood; Hurricane and other weather related events; Lightning; Mold; Plumbing break or leak; Theft; Vandalism; and Water related events. 

In addition, I have experience representing and counseling business owners with regard to business interruption claims that result in a loss of income. My services to property owners include: assistance with post-loss compliance, negotiation of settlements or case resolution, and litigation through trial.

Suffering property damage in Florida can be a devastating and costly event. Following a loss, many property owners do not know their rights and obligations under their insurance policy, or those of their insurance company. Hiring a property damage lawyer in Florida will give you the best chance to achieve maximum recovery from your property insurance company.

The Claims Process

After suffering property damage in Florida, some property owners avoid filing an insurance claim altogether because they are intimidated by the thought of dealing with their insurance company and its claims process. Other owners reasonably believe that they should automatically be compensated after a loss just because they pay their insurance premiums, no matter the type of loss.​

Unfortunately, the claims process can be complicated and time consuming, and insurance companies often find different ways to deny or devalue a claim. If a property insurance claim is denied or devalued, filing a lawsuit against the insurance company is typically an insured’s next option to receive compensation for the loss or damage sustained. Whether it is negotiating a claim settlement or litigating an unpaid or undervalued claim through trial, having the assistance of a property damage lawyer in Florida, who understands complicated coverage issues and is able to interpret convoluted policy language, can make the difference in recovering the full value of your claim.​

What Sets Me Apart

Because every property loss has its own unique set of facts and circumstances, each claim following any property damage in Florida must be evaluated and handled on an individual basis. Prior to taking any action on behalf of an insured property owner, I will conduct a thorough review of the insurance policy and diligently investigate the facts of the loss.

This important process helps my clients and I develop claim-specific strategies that are tailored to each client’s situation and desired goals. I will also help insureds understand their obligations under their insurance policies, including sitting for an examination under oath, producing requested documents, and making the damaged property available for inspection.

In addition, I advise insureds of the coverages and exclusions that affect their right to recovery of benefits after suffering property damage in Florida. If the situation arises, I am not afraid to litigate a disputed claim and I have experience taking cases to trial where I have been successful in obtaining favorable jury verdicts for my clients. 

I am a property damage lawyer in Florida who is committed to assisting insureds and ensuring that the insurance companies uphold their contractual obligation to timely pay valid claims in full. 

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